Buddy Program

Punto Enlace

Punto Enlace is a group formed by UNISON students who have had the experience of a student exchange during their academic training. They are social service providers in our office who support foreign and returning students in their adaptation, placement, integration and development in our university community. It is also one of the means by which our office promotes the mobility calls among the students of the university.


  • To foster and strengthen a multicultural environment among the university community.
  • To promote the integration of foreign and returning students into the academic and social life of the University of Sonora, the city, and its customs.
  • Provide counseling to foreign and returning students on the rights, benefits and obligations they have at the University of Sonora.
  • Provide advice to students of the University of Sonora regarding the possibilities and options available to them for student mobility.


Lic. Geira Lizbeth Rodriguez LeónCorreo: lizbeth.rodriguez@unison.mx
Location: Universidad de Sonora, 8-A Building, second floor.
Phone: +52 (662) 259 2266